Monthly Archives: March 2008

Long Run Training: 10 miles

Notes:Hello hello. Long time no see, Mr. Long Run. First off, my average pace and calories burned are 12'38"/mi and 956, respectiv [...]

Cardio + Resistance Training

"Fear is a great motivator. " – John Treacy, 1984 Olympic Marathon Silver Medalist Yep, I totally agree with the quote abov [...]

Laudes Creaturarum

Happy Easter! LOL. I feel like singing that song (see above) and running through a grassy knoll a la "Sound of Music." Can you t [...]

Lent over. Holy Week begins.

…and I didn't really give up anything for Lent that I would be looking forward to having again >_< Next year, I'll do [...]

Links Spring Cleaning!

As the heading states, I did a bit of spring cleaning with some links on this giornale. It's good cos there were a couple that had 404 [...]

Patent patent!

Sheryl, Jo Nisha and I had a wonderful time having supper at their fav Italian restaurant, C&O Ristorante (not C&O Cucina!!!) in Mar [...]

Photo teaser

I haven't gotten the photos from the place yet. Eep. So here's what we experienced last Sunday: So yah, imagine seeing those comi [...]

I'm a surf diva!

In case you were wondering… I didn't twist my ankle this time around nor did I take anyone out with my surfboard; I am officially [...]

Surf Clinic!

I'm back… in La Jolla where in two hours I will be taking my third surf lesson (the first one was kinda like a teaser); this time [...]

Back from La Jol-la!

Have loads to tell and photos to post but am super exhausted! We got back around 4PM, rested a bit, went to mass, had supper and I've j [...]

Talk footy, morning footy and La Jolla

I forget to announce to the world via my giornale… I'm going to guest co-host a footy (soccer) talk show for the next 3 weeks eve [...]
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