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Reminiscing + procrastinating

I've been aimlessly browsing the web when I got an email from my sis regarding a particular website… It's sort-of like a MySpace but for athletes. I created a page and I suppose it's good and bad at the same time. Good: cos I get to track every single race I've done; Bad: cos I get to track every single race I've done! LOL. Well, after creating a page, it compelled me to read my past marathon reports. Sure enough, I went back through my running logs and read "My First Marathon Experience". It was funny cos off the top of my head, I can't remember what happened in Chicago, 2 years ago. I'm glad I did make an entry about it. Reading about the 2nd marathon report was inspiring cos if I had to go back and re-do my 3rd marathon, I would totally do what I did in the 2nd one.

Even though I kind of did my training runs for the 3rd one (but not as much as I really trained for the 2nd one, and more than what I trained for the 1st one) I feel I didn't really psych myself for the race last week. It felt like an ordinary day, riding down to SD, having supper, getting up at 4AM, getting ready for the race, walking about the start line, waiting for the race to begin, actually running… No, I didn't feel as if I was running a marathon at all! Didn't get the butterflies in my tummy/wasn't overly anxious or excited. Was it because it was a familiar venue? Iono. It was just odd that I did not have the "race" frame-of-mind.

Anyway, enough about these races! AHHHHH. I'm starting to sound like a race-freak or summat! Gotta go unpack now and tidy up my room. It's (still) a mess! >_<

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