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Still awake.

I shouldn't have had a (heavy) late supper. Now I can't sleep. Or maybe it has something to do with watching a certain film on telly… Sadly, it's highly regarded as cheesy and garnered a paltry 2-stars from the critics and 4 out of 10 stars as rated by IMDb users… The film is: First Daughter. LMAO! The (hot) male-lead was played by that dude who played Riley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series)…. I wonder what ever happened to him? Hmmm… I suppose this beats watching a mini-marathon of Law & Order! Some of those episodes give me nightmares. O.o

So, back to the film. SOOOOOO CHEEESY. OMG. LMAO. OK. This is stupid. Gotta sleep. >_<

I think I've recovered from my marathon.

What the eff — she drives off in a stupid lime green beetle?! From Washington DC all the way to Cali in her gown?! Eff.

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