Monthly Archives: August 2006

Silly and Unfortunate.

I got to see the Arsenal vs. Manchester City rebroadcast during lunch today and boy was it unfortunate and unlucky for the Gunners to lose l [...]

Last day and RIP.

Today's my last day @ my client's in Century City. Was a fun stint. Will miss it a lot. Will not miss traffic and 405 FWY, however [...]

Blues 2 – Rovers nil

After an uninspiring and rather disjointed first half, my Blues finally showed a bit of life and completed some of the passes after a 2nd ha [...]

Curse of the Dog.

It's probably just coincidence but 2006 so far is a mixed year for me; Q1, brought me my first speeding ticket in the 10+ years I' [...]

Champions League Draw.

You have got to be kidding me. First, we're off the top seeds, then we're drawn in the same group as — yes, Barca. UGHGUHGUH [...]

Blues 3 – 0 City

Franky's back. ^_^ [...]


Back from Vegas. Loads of incidente on the way home — saw one over-turned car, a number of flat tires, two or three over-heated cars, [...]

Silly vid.

Ralph sent me this video link a few days ago and I thought I'd share it…It kinda reminded me of the 'Money' video I use [...]

Me Fam.

I picked up my Mum and li'l Brother (Andreas!) at the airport yesterday… This morning, we heard that there was trouble @ the LAX [...]

Pre-Season: Chelsea 0 – MLS All-Stars 1

As much as I wanted so bad to see this match at the stadium in Chicago to see my Blues play “in-person”, I somewhat got that wis [...]

Running running!

Sheryl — I use the Garmin ForeRunner 201. They have a new version now and I think it's similiar if not better. The ForeRunner use [...]
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