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Braveheart, Photos and Ringo Starr.

I watched Braveheart on the USA channel this afternoon, and aside from the bloody (literal) scenes being edited out, they have also blurred out any peens or nipples — which was expected and I actually did not mind the edited version. Iono about you, though, but this movie is such a tearjerker! I was sobbing in the end when he yells… “FREEDOM!” OMG. That's like, a classic scene. I get teary eyed just thinking about it right now.

*moment of silence*

Anyway, I finally uploaded the photos from my Mammoth trip last weekend and not to be vain, but they're gorgeous as usual. 😛 j/k. There's also a photo I wanted you to see, especially if you're familiar with The Beatles… Isn't the photo below of Ringo Starr?! I told my sis it was him and she said he was dead or summat. I was like, no, he's not dead (yet). Anyway, I couldn't get a clearer shot cos I didn't want to seem like paparrazo. Hehehe.

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