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Amazingly warm.

Mammoth was awesome this weekend. Well, let me take that back; it was glorious!

My sis and I, as posted here, were running late on Friday morning. We also got lost — er, note to self: do not let jet-lagged person drive — as my sis totally missed getting on the 14 FWY from the 5. We ended up gaining another hour of driving because of this 'detour'… I also drove the rest of the way because of her jet lag. It was all good, though, as we arrived at the mountain around 1:30PM.

Around 3 (or 3:30PM), I was ready to call it a day, however. I was extremely exhausted — I was fatigued (from driving) and hungry, too. LOLz. AFAIK, that was the first time I said 'enough' to snowboarding! Eek.

Anyway, day 2 was much better; this time, we were joined by Switchfoot, Rails, Buzz and Fakie (the man-formerly-known-as-Headcase). It was the first time that I went to Chair 14 and the runs there. It was awesome. I can't believe I haven't been to that part of the mountain. I'm such a Mammoth newb! LOL.

I'll post some photos later. Even a video or two! Hehehe… Oh yah, congrats to Buzz for completing Level II of the RaDragon School of Snowboarding

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