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Here ya go Herman. Three names you go by: 1. Raciel 2. RaD or Ra (in the Geekdom of Cyberspace) 3. Mounty (in the other geekdom of Counter-S [...]

Apples and Oranges.

Didn't get to go to the Apple Store opening at Manhattan Beach. Got there around about 10:30AM and there was a LINE around the mall to [...]


Training Type: Tennis Duration: 1 hour Notes: Played more tennis today — getting better (at least, up to my previous level — whi [...]

Grocery Wars

My friend, Dayz, sent me an email a while back with this link: Grocery Store Wars — it's hilarious and educational at the same ti [...]

Flight Departed.

Well, tonight, my mum, and two sistahs have checked-in, boarded, and departed for the Philippines via Los Angeles International Airport. Mea [...]


Last night, I suffered some very very bad bathroom episodes, and while pondering about this annoyance as I sat on my 'throne', I n [...]

Armando A. Diaz (1918 – 2005)

Rest in peace, grandpa. 🙁 p.s., My computer is nearly done. Tomorrow, I install a fresh copy of Microshaft Windoze on my new 120GB drive. [...]


Training Type: Tennis Duration: 1.5 hours Notes: Spent an early evening playing tennis today. It was ok, but I felt a bit lethargic. I was j [...]

Happy Birthday, Mum!

First off — Happy Birthday to my dear Mum! Hope you had a great time today… Enjoy the iPod Shuffle! 🙂 Now that I've got [...]

Computer Update: Still bloody broken.

I realised now, though, that it's not a hardware problem, but that of software… Microcrap Windows, to be exact. I ordered a new H [...]

Training: 3 Miles

Distance: 3.01 miles (4.84 Kilometres) Time: 0:30:17 Date: July 13th, 2005 Notes: It was a pretty good run. My calf started hurting, 2 mile [...]
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