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Results: Memorial Day Run

Event: Saddleback Memorial Half Marathon – 5K
Distance: 3.18 miles (5 Kilometres)
Time: 0:32:42 (Personal Record)
Bib #: 1396
Date: May 30th, 2005

I'm extremely pleased with the outcome of this race; obviously because I PR'd. 🙂 The weather was actually perfect (not too cold or warm, and just enough sun) and the course was somewhat easy-to-challenging (mainly because of two hills). For the first time, I set my Garmin on a pace of 10:00 minutes/mile…and I almost met that mark, averaging at 10:20 minutes/mile. I think the biggest motivation for me was that it was just a short race, and I happened to run with some awesome Orange County Sherrif's Trainees and a small pack of Marines (I think they were Marines). Their cadence song kept me going, but I had to break off when climbing one of the hills. Props to them for keeping me at a constant pace (up to 2.4 miles into the run anyway). I realized later that their pace was a whopping 8:00 min/mile! 😮 Keep in mind, that's while 'singing' and taking turns carrying the American flag. Cheers to them!

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