Monthly Archives: February 2005

Fear is good… Blues fear. :P

“Ruud Gullit once said that he wanted people to hate Chelsea. He said that teams become popular when they're underachievers, that [...]

Carling Cup. Snow Adventure.

I'm listening to a supposedly “live” of the Carling Cup finals (my beloved Blues versus the Reds) on BBC Radio's Five [...]

She's aliiiiive…. She's aliiiiiive!

Or rather, I survived Mt. Baldy. Yes, the conditions were excellent — bright sunny day, a bit cloudy later on, no winds and excellent [...]


Teeth. Or rather, the last of my wisdom tooth is surfacing; I actually thought they've all surfaced, but I remembered that the left bot [...]

For Em Pleh!, et al.

Barry's World (aka BW). There! 😛 [...]

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

The infamous Episode 3 spoiler photos are now available at your local mirror. Cheers to Flap for sending the info over! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 I [...]

Don't post your photo online…

…why you shouldn't post your pic online: Click here ^_^ [...]


To cater to the fans in China and Hong Kong, I suppose… Premier League website in Chinese [...]

Em Pleh!

Stop posting the stuff here onto BW! Don't you realise that they don't really like online journals? 😛 [...]


So my friend Rick decides to get into Badminton… He played on Saturday night and was pwnz0red by this girl he knew from the Philippine [...]

PSA: Wear Wrist Guards…

…when snowboarding. I had wrist guards, and haven't worn them in a while and I suppose I should have when I went snowboarding l [...]
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