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PSA: Wear Wrist Guards…

…when snowboarding.

I had wrist guards, and haven't worn them in a while and I suppose I should have when I went snowboarding last Friday. Ouchies. It's actually the < href="http://www.davidlnelson.md/images/hand_anatomy_bones.jpg" target="_blank">metacarpals and the muscle surrounding it that hurt, but not to the point where I can't write or do anything with my hands (e.g., I can still play the guitar). It hurts less now, than on Friday evening and Saturday (the whole day), though.

How'd it happen? I took a nasty spill… Not in the intermediate slopes.. in the bleedin' NURSERY slopes >.< -- how embarrassing, huh? I guess I landed on my fists (which I rarely ever do) and the full force of my body along with it.

So yeah, wear wrist guards. That is all +_+

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