Monthly Archives: January 2005


…just got back an hour ago (safe and sound). Mammoth was awesome! Luckily, none of us had any serious injuries — so it was reall [...]

ze Mountains.

I'm off to ze mountains of Mammoth. Be back Sunday. Cheers! [...]


“Error message” box generator. Click me. [...]

Examiner Finds Man Breathing in Morgue.

RALEIGH, N.C. Jan 26, 2005 [...]

Eek week!

Crazy busy week. End. [...]


I wish I was a hunter in search of different food I wish I was the animal which fits into that mood I wish i was a person with unlimited b [...]

Johnny Carson.

I never really watched any of his shows (somewhat before my time); But I've seen a few clips and there and he seemed like a great guy. [...]

Small Asian country prohibits tobacco sales…

Bhutan forbids all tobacco sales Tobacco was already banned in 18 of Bhutan's 20 districts A ban on the sale of all tobacco products [...]

Give it quality!

I happened to find this vintage Soviet propaganda postcard, and being gross, the first thing I thought that it was Soviet propaganda appro [...]

Umbro contract with Chelsea to end.

I thought I read about this a week or two ago, but I suppose it's “official” now. Umbro will stop making replica kits for C [...]
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