Monthly Archives: January 2005

Bush's 2005 Inaugural Ceremony.

And now, fun with captions: Senator Hillary Clinton and Former-President Bill Clinton Senator John Kerry [...]

Ugh. Phlegm.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that I've a build-up of phlegm again. I ate more Thai food for supper last night, and I had  [...]

Jumbo squid.

That's going to make a LOT of deep-fried-battered-calamari 😉 [...]

Girls gone snowboarding video…

…is ready for downloading. Again, I apologise for the large file size. It's in Quicktime .MOV format. Download here (Right-mouse [...]

I feel fine.

I really believe that the fruits and veggies I'm taking are helping with my sinusitis. I had a minor “attack” today, but it [...]

New splash page. Shalom.

I've a new splash page. Yay. I need to start getting my stuff in order for tomorroz. Huzzah! [...]


I got an eBay Yellow star. Yay. Yellow star. Yay. Yellow star. Yay yay. I got a yellow star. Yay. Yellow star, yay. LMAO. In other news, [...]

Feeling much better (part deux)

…for the time being! LMAO. I'm actually confident that I can fight this sinusitis. I've been very good about drinking lots o [...]

It's baaaack.

No surprise here. I'm going to be taking Sudafed to alleviate the symptoms, but not cure it… I'm not so sure if there's [...]

Feeling much better.

…for the time being. In other news, my [...]


I get it; I'm cursed. Why? Well, let me take you back 20 years, when I was a wee lass. In the warm summer months (in my tropical island [...]
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