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10 miles.

I ran 10 miles today. It's not my best run — my pace was inconsistent and generally horrible. I think I'm getting sick, though! Last night I had a terrible cold… then again, it could've been allergies. In any case, I haven't had that bad of a cold since I've started Chiropractic treatments around Q2 of this year. I blame that “cold” for my running performance this morning. It could also have been the thanksgiving feast as I had one-too-many helpings of turkey and ham and mashed potatoes and… Mmmmm. Anyaway, I digress…

I'm hoping that this “cold” is nothing, but I'm not taking any chances so I took some Tylenol Cold and Sinus caplets tonight. I'm actually going on a snowboard day-trip tomorrow! My friends are picking me up tonight ('cuz my car is still kaput!) and we're heading off to Big Bear Mountain around 6:00AM tomorrow — I'll be sleeping over @ the Lacsons 🙂

Oh yah, my sister, Annelle, left for Singapore this evening. She's going to be there for ONE WHOLE WEEK! Fun! I was going to ask her to get me something, but I don't really know what one can get in Singapore… I have to think about that.

Okie, gotta go… I'll prolly shower tonight so I just jump outta bed and jump into my gear tomorrow. So excited!


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