Workout Records ze Brain Farts[Posted on ]

Ate too much. Exercised not.

Okie, I totally broke my whole “I'm starting my health regimen on Monday” pledge. There's actually still a chance — I have 2 hours left till it's Tuesday, so technically, I haven't broken my own pledge if I do 20 minutes of Pilates within the next hour…

Anyway, this 4th of July weekend was great! One question — why do people have to light their fireworks at 2AM in the morning?! It almost sounded like I was back in Israel — with all the “explosions” and “gun fire” ;0

Tonight, the long weekend ends… Tomorrow, I have to get my car smog checked, renew the license registration @ the DMV and try to finish two client composites… Oops, I almost forgot that I have another chiropractic adjustment appointment AND run at least 3 miles. I think I can do it — after all, there ARE 24 hours in a day. 🙂

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