Monthly Archives: July 2004

Phonetic Alphabet (NATO)

Alpha Kilo Uniform 0 Zero Bravo Lima Victor 1 Wun Charlie Mike Whiskey




Ah, I'm still busy with schtuff, but I wanted to post an update, so my site doesn't go stale again (sort of). Let's see… [...]

City of Heroes

Ah…. I have to remind myself to update this. I started playing City of Heroes again. That game is so addictive! I have 2 characters no [...]

Dreams and programming

I had a very bizarre dream recently. I was boarding this plane that was supposedly “the best” flight that you could possibly exp [...]

Whoa… update!

So I've been busy lately. Busy with what? You might ask… Well, aside from the numerous hobbies that I seem to do, and the differe [...]

Ate too much. Exercised not.

Okie, I totally broke my whole “I'm starting my health regimen on Monday” pledge. There's actually still a chance R [...]

Happy 4th of July!

Well… it's my advance notice! Happy Independence Day! [...]


New month… lol. [...]