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Bye 2014, hello 2015

I tend to write up a year in review post, but since I hardly met my (running) goals last year, I’ve decided to just post my DailyMile 2014 Year-End review (screen captured from here). My goals for 2015 are less, albeit will need more motivation than usual since I dropped a lot of training during the summer of 2014, and I don’t want to go through that again:

  1. PR Los Angeles Marathon
    I really want this, but have not quite committed to it. I’ve already missed weeks of training and although January is gearing up to be better than the previous months, I fear it might be too late. Still, never say never, right?
  2. Run a 50km Trail or Road race
    This is another goal from 2014 where I missed the mark completely. I haven’t registered for a race yet (commitment issue!), I want to be running it about a month or two after LA Marathon. Or if I miss that timeline, run the Area 51 Ultra in Rachel, NV.
  3. Complete an Olympic/International distance Triathlon
    I only did one triathlon event last year and it was a sprint. +_+ If I want to test my abilities and endurance level, I need to “graduate” to a longer distance. lol

I’ve decided (finally) to lessen the amount of races next year, as a continuation of a more subdued racing season from 2014. I’m teaching myself that less races doesn’t necessarily mean lower fitness; although that’s essentially what happened in 2014 hahaha. I’m also still jutting between NV and CA (commitment issue, part deux), which means I gotta save my pennies for the trips to and fro — still can’t justify owning a car again. xD Did I mention October 2015 will be my Runniversary? Come October, it would be ten years since my first ever marathon in Chicago. Hoping to be able to run that race after 10 years! ^_^


Daily Mile Review


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