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Citizen of TerraMar

I am a Citizen of TerraMar

lol just thought you might want to know 😉

So, WTH is TerraMar? I found them on the GOOD.is website. Here’s an excerpt from that article:

Launched in July, the group has taken these unclaimed waters and christened them TerraMar, “the 8th Wonder of the World,” a nation that deserves care and attention. By metaphorically transforming these waters into a tangible country, the founders hope to draw attention and awareness to the world’s neglected ecosystems. Their first step in reaching their goal: Reaching one million active, informed citizens dedicated to fighting for the voiceless depths and the creatures living within them.

Help them reach their goal! You, too, can become a citizen… Here.

If you’re curious, yes, I do have a Surfrider membership and also contribute to other organizations (Seathos, Heal the Bay, etc.) that drive to maintain and keep our waters and coasts clean. ^_^

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