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So much for posting something everyday! At least, I failed to post what I was grateful for yesterday… Just so we don’t break the link, let’s call Sunday my blog posting rest day but not my photo rest day! 😉 Today, I’m grateful for being able to receive the Eucharist when I can. If you didn’t know, I’m Catholic (or Roman Catholic, to be precise — though, I have attended an Orthodox mass or two [or was it Coptic?] when I lived overseas) eek, now I lost my trail of thought. >_< Anyway, below is a photo I took of my two friends from Choir (and just friends in-general) Stephanie and John. Their marriage was (finally) blessed which meant that they can both receive communion again. It was a touching marriage/blessing at mass last night presided by Fr. Joe and Deacon Scott. Congrats, Stephanie and John!

Stephanie & John

p.s., Sorry for the grainy resolution. Took this piccy with my iPhone… Yes, during mass. >_<

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