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SKORA minimalist running shoes

Having just recently found out about the SKORA FORM minimalist running shoes (thanks to this giveaway), my first impressions (looking at the actual product photos) were if cycling shoes married football (soccer) boots, their child would look like SKORA running shoes! LOL. Still, since attending Michael Sandler’s clinic on barefoot running back in 2010 and subsequently reading his “Barefoot Running” book AND transitioning to doing 100% of my run training in barefoot and minimalist shoes, I’ve yet to find a minimalist pair that does not have a pronounced-upward forefoot curve. Though the SKORA FORM still follows the “traditional running shoe” shape as far as the curved forefoot sole (or “toe spring” as Michael Sandler calls it!), it makes up for it with their zero-drop heel profile and boasts a more “natural forefoot feel of the ground”.

Since I do not own a pair, as yet, I can’t really tell how these would fare ’til I try them! However, women’s sizing doesn’t come out ’til early-Q3 2012 and there aren’t any size 5 for men! For now, I’ll just have to go by a fellow minimalist runner’s review on the Minimalist Running Shoes website. From the reviewer’s words alone, this shoe looks really promising — not to mention it has one classy-looking, luxurious-leathery upper. Anyway, click on the giveaway link above for your chance to win, too.


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