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Nutrition vs. Nom nom nom

I’ve got a cold for the second time this year, albeit not as bad as it was last year after Thanksgiving (or a few weeks ago). It couldn’t have arrived or rather, occurred at the most opportune moment, either. Imagine being in a head fog as you’re snowboarding. Ugh. Annoying. The NyQuil I took last night helped, then the DayQuil this morning somewhat staved the runny nose, but as mentioned, I still felt somewhat groggy on the slopes (despite having a 9hr beauty rest, too). It was only after lunch that I felt like my head has cleared, and right now– after 3 bottles of Vitamin Water ‘essential’ throughout the day– I feel waaaay better than I did last night.

Anyway, this brought me to decide that 2012 will be the year where I have to watch what I eat — watch in terms of nutritional value, anyway and eventually, change my eating habits for the better.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I have a cheeseburger & fries everyday. It’s more like, there are some days where I don’t exactly get the nutrients (read: vitamins) that my body needs. It may sound basic, or even mundane, but it’s not easy to have a balanced meal everyday!

So, short of hiring a personal cook (no, I’m not tasking my Mum who’s on-holiday with us with that mission) or summat similar, I plan to do this the old-fashioned way: have someone remind me to eat my veggies. LOL j/k! I plan to stick to MyFitnessPal (consistently!) and log the food I eat, and in the process, make sure I really eat a balanced meal– that is, have my prescribed 20g of protein & complex carbs which will include veggies & fruits & all that healthy stuff.

I still will have someone remind me to eat my veggies LOL. But really it’s for accountability. My sis would be the perfect candidate along with her Health & Wellness Coach, Susan, who’s actually my Health Coach, too (I signed up on January 7th).

So there. I, Raciel, am pledging to eat better, nay, healthier, in 2012, so help me God (& friends)…

…starting tomorroz. LOL

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