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A month!

In (nearly) a month since the LA Marathon, I PR’d my 5K, danced at my friend’s wedding in 4 1/2″ heels, swam in the ocean, got sick for a week, and finally, received my LA Marathon finisher’s certificate in digital format:

LA Marathon Certificate

Oh, I also gained like, 4 or 5lbs back! Hahaha. Such is the life of a pseudo-runner/triathlete. I just have to get back on the training bandwagon soon as I don’t want to suffer (much) at the Bay to Breakers 15k, then the Camp Pendleton Mud Run and then my super-sprint triathlon (where once again, I’m worried about the swim since it’s 400m in the ocean despite it being a recreational division).

Also, I’ve got to start logging my calorie intake/expenditure religiously again… Not that I’m planning on losing another 12 lbs, but I was inspired from this morning’s Boston Marathon runners to put my training back into gear. As much as I hate his guts (for silly reasons), American-Ryan Hall finished 4th with a PR, I believe. He’s been self-coaching for a year and his Boston finish just shows how  impressive that is. Of course, if one’s an elite, they have had that sort of discipline when they trained with a full-time coach, but still — it helps inspire non-elites or weekend warriors like me that self-training works, as long as one’s disciplined enough! (D’uh!)

Another speedy inspiration was the women’s elite runner up, Desi Davila. She nearly out-kicked the Kenyan, Caroline Kilel, at the last 400m! Desi is a petite 5’2″ and weighs about 86lbs! I’m not saying that I’m targetting that weight, but man… There’s really hope for these short legs! 🙂

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