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Unshod Run = sore calf muscles

Ack! I knew I was going too much last night on my 6-miler as my calf muscles (calves? ;)) are mega-sore today.

Well, I did go a bit too fast in the beginning of the run, but it felt rather nice and I wasn’t really panting nor was my breathing laboured. I kept it up and only slightly slowed down to a familiar pace (which averaged out to something like my 10k pace) and overall felt good throughout.

There was a bit of tightness with the outside of my left thigh (IT band?) but it wasn’t a sharp or annoying pain. This morning, though, both outside portions of my thighs are tight and sore, along with my calves!

I can’t imagine how much more I’d feel had I not worn my compression tights last night. +_+

Going to try and gingerly roll the stick on these problem spots today. Perhaps tonight, I can do some short spinning as a warm-up (easy effort) so that I can get on the foam roller and hopefully, stretch these out before my 20 miler tomorroz!

My (first ever) Triathlon race report is nearly done; sorta! Will deffo post before week’s end (i.e., tonight). ^_^

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