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LA Marathon Madness!

The weekend of the LA Marathon is here and boy, is it a maddening one! I’m still in the process of packing and putting my playlist together! AHHHH. Good thing I went to pick up my race packet (bib, timing chip, et al.) and my sisters’ race packets yesterday with Sheryl. She totally helped with lugging all the stuff about whilst (hopefully) enjoying the expo herself. 🙂

The expo itself was meh. I really like the expos from the Rock ‘n’ Roll series races — Iono somehow, they have more (fun) exhibitors, it’s indoors so you’re not sweating or burning under the sun whilst checking out the vendors and it seems more organized. Granted, most of the vendors @ the LA Marathon expo were in tents, my favourite vendors (OneMoreMile.net, Spibelt, the running skirt sisters) weren’t there. 🙁 It just seems incomplete! Hope they do something about the outdoorsy thing next year (i.e., hello, LA Convention Centre!)

I was also going to meet my running idol, Team USA’s Kara Goucher (3rd place, Boston) but she cancelled! Ugh. The photo below highlights the closest I got to her. 🙁

No Kara.

I also found Chic Runner! LOL. I follow her on Twitter — she works for ICR (the company that organises the Long Beach Marathon and Half-Marathon) and has some cool giveaways every-so-often in her blog. Anyway, as Sheryl mentioned, she’s friggin’ tall! Hehehehe.

My shirt says: I kinda (heart) running 26.2

Oh, when I got home from the Expo yesterday, I found out my tweets are being posted (alongside other LA Marathon runners) on this website! Eek. Gotta watch what I say… LOL! Anyway, that’s the best way to keep track of me online… In case I like, faint, during the race! LMFAO. Naaaah, I’ll be running it as a “training race” with my sis, Annelle (yay! it’s her second marathon!) so this counts as an “easy” one. 😉

Anyway, back to packing and my playlist*!


*can’t share it! It’s embarrassing — lol so many cheesy 80’s tunes.

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