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In the meantime…

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past… 2 months! ACK! I kinda got tired of my previous journal theme, too, so I had to post this cookie-cutter theme up until I finish with my own ‘stark’ theme. 🙂

So let’s see — updates… Well, my past post was about the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon (where I collected my California Dreamin’ Series medal and snazzy running jacket!), but the best part about the last half of 2009 was — I PR’d my final race: the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon! I shaved off like, 3 minutes from my previous half (which was, appropriately at the beginning of 2009!). Noice. I ended ’09 with 2 PR’s in both Half and Full marathons.

Dad and mum were also in town for the holidays which was awesome, albeit super hectic! Dad celebrated his 60th (eek!) and we all went to Vegas to celebrate it! ^_^ And when I say all, I mean all kids (plus one GF) and parents. Oof! Luckily, my mum was able to get us a sweet suite @ The Palazzo (Venetian) whilst her and dad enjoyed the new Aria hotel. Overall, a great (and well-needed) vacay for everyone. I didn’t even care that I didn’t win (but lost some moolah on the slots >_<)

Anyway, I was going to make a post marking the beginning of Lent yesterday, but I was too lazy to put it together! LOL. It even took me a while to finally finish this post but finish it I will!

Oh, for Lent, my sacrifice will be to give up Facebook for 40 days! AHHHHHH. Still, I’m hoping I make it through the entire season of Lent, rather than reneging on it (as I did last year) and ended up not checking FB on Fridays… Anyway, I also happened to find this website called Busted Halo — call it a hip site for people (mostly Catholics) that want to be more spiritual. Their tagline actually reads “an online magazine for spiritual seekers” and the main “feature” I’ll be using on that site these next 40 days is their Lenten calendar.

Training-wise, I haven’t really ran anything longer than 13.1 miles since the 6th of December! ACK. With the LA Marathon just around the corner, I’m officially freaking out again. After a brilliant running year (2009), I’ve regressed back to training just here and there… It’s actually bad that I have to take a break from running (so soon) because of my bum left knee.

The knee started acting up in Vegas (must be the cramped seating in our car! LOL) and then disappeared, only to “reappear” last weekend when I attempted to do my 18-mile run. I’m giving myself 2 weeks of no running/impact activity and am swimming instead for my cardio. I’m also going to heed Sheryl‘s advice and ordered some of the Glucosamine supplement I took last year and will work on some P90X exercises. I’m really hoping that those do the “trick” and get me back on the road! *crosses her fingers*

Okie, gotta get back to work on my theme — hoping that I don’t end up with this theme for weeks! LOL.

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