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Long Run Training: 11 miles

I ran my scheduled 11 miles this morning and I was glad it was foggy and somewhat cold (but not cold enough!). I don’t know how to explain it but there was an unpleasant sensation to my knees around mile 4 up until mile 5 but went away after that — or I could’ve just blocked it out with my super-saiyan-mental-strength. ROFL.

Also, aside from wasting 3 minutes refilling my water bottle and dropping a tablet of delicious berry Nuun, and the odd break running into people I know, I think I did relatively well (time-wise). So yeah, Garmin Connect will report that I actually ran 11.64 miles, whilst Nike+iPod will show you that I went over with 12.64 miles.

Oddly enough, my next long run’s mileage is 12 miles! I think I want to do it… Or maybe I’ll get lazy and taper it off to an easy 9 miles. We shall see…

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