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I want… Silverrrrrrr!

I was reading the newest email newsletter Runner’s World sent and followed a link for one of their featured articles “Gear: Cool Shades”. Well, at the right side that piece were other (article) links and this one caught my eye: Stink Be-Gone – Get the Funk out of Tech Fabrics. Now, before you go, “eewwwwww!” my running clothes smell nice and fresh, thank you very much. ^_^ It’s my hat that seems to have that weird smell of like, not being washed correctly… Maybe I need to handwash instead of machine wash? o_O

Anyway, one of the “solutions” quoted in that piece was this Silver-infused detergent! As everyone knows, silver has great anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. I’ve been looking to get those detergents for “tech” clothing and then saw this silver-detergent and thought that was it until I saw the price ($30USD for a small bottle)! >_< Then I saw like, another brand of silver-infused detergent; this product is actually what some hunters use to remove their scent. It’s waaaay cheaper ($15USD) than the Canadian one but I’m not sure if it’s safe on technical outfits.

Then… I thought of like, buying silver nano particles and mixing it in my wash! LOL. So then I did some quick research and found Samsung’s failed Silver Nano Washing Machine and several companies that seem to manufacture and sell silver-infused homeopathic water/pills/etc!

Ultimately, I ended up reading this study on Silver Nanotechnologies and the Environment which addressed some of the environmental, health and safety risks… How “Widespread use of nanoscale silver will challenge regulatory agencies to balance important potential benefits against the possibility of significant environmental risk, highlighting the need to identify research priorities concerning this emerging technology, according to a new report released today by the Project.” and kinda got discouraged…

*sigh* And all I wanted to do was get the funk outta my running hat. >_<

I found another article about silver nano particles and how it’s too early to say if it’s harmful to humans + environmental impact, despite its obvious benefits. OK, I’m holding off on the silver for now. +_+


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    LOL Raciel! =) I’m glad you’re holding off on the silver! You should try hand-washing your hat. It seems to do the trick for me! Although, I guess that could change over time since it’s still pretty new…

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    heheh yah! i’m gonna hold off on it. i stuck my hats in the dryer today (after it went through a washing cycle in the machine) and then stuck a dryer sheet… it smelled really good afterwards but i don’t think dryer sheets for technical hats or shirts would be good. >_<

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