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San Antonio via Vegas.

T minus 9 days and counting! I can't believe it's almost here. I didn't actually train much (again) for this race but I tried to do more than my previous runs at least to have an ounce of preparedness for the 16th. But, before my race, I'm accompanying my mum to Vegas! 😉 I guess that's kinda nice, to have a brief holiday before a holiday-ish race. Hehehe!

We're leaving for Vegas on Sunday and returning on Wednesday then leaving for San Antonio on Thursday. I have to remind myself to pack two separate bags on Sunday — one for Vegas, and another for San Antonio and hope I don't mix up the bag I bring to either destination! LOL.

Soz I haven't been updating this journal much… Been busy. So busy in fact that I've a demo/presentation tomorroz and then as soon as I return from San Antonio, I've another project to kick off. In other words, expect sporadic updates from me from now until the new year! ^_^

Did I mention I'm trying to write a novel in November again? You know, that NaNoWriMo thing 😉 (www.nanowrimo.org)

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