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Recovery Run: 6 miles

If you check the graph below, it seems as if I suffer mostly in the beginning to mid part of my run. After that, I feel like I can just go on, except for the fact that the sun blazing today. Oddly enough, compared to today, I felt better running last week during my Nike+ Women's Half Marathon challenge. I'm guessing it's because the sun didn't get too hot or intense until the last mile last weekend. Knowing that my weakness is running in the sun, I think I should just try to run about the same time as I did today — then again, I could run earlier in the morning and run faster to finish before the sun gets too hot! LOL. Anyway, average pace for this run is 12:19 minutes per mile and I burned 622 calories. I consumed about 3 Jelly Belly Sportbeans, too.

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