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Spoiled with efficiency; Marathon film

I have to give props to my fav online store, Amazon.com. They really are an efficient lot and find myself comparing other online retailers to this one. Granted, I pay a premium every year to get free 2-day shipping, I think I've made up for that amount during the holiday season. I've gotten spoiled with shopping online (from Amazon) and receiving it 2 to 3 days after I place my order. Then, I ordered a digital camera battery charger off another website (only cos Amazon didn't carry it) and got really nervous when I hadn't received it yet. I had to remind myself that I ordered it elsewhere and that I at least got free shipping for it. I eventually received the charger about 5 to 7 days later but thought that it still took too long to arrive. So yah, it's pretty neat to have semi-instant online shopping gratification… ^_^

In other news, my sis and I along with our friend Irene (and her acquaintances) went to watch Spirit of the Marathon last night at The Bridge. It's a documentary about the history of the marathon and the people who run it; they followed two elite athletes (i.e., professional marathon runners) and five people (from different walks of life) who were going to run the Chicago Marathon. BTW, this was the Chicago Marathon year when I ran my first marathon!! The film's subject was interesting to me (cos I run marathons!) and in a way ended up being inspiring as well. I'd definitely buy the DVD and watch it when I don't feel like training — lol!!

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