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First day of Lent (Ash Wednesday)

…And I'm already contemplating, and probably will, defer going to mass until the evening because there's a football friendly at noon. >_< England vs. Switzerland with Fabio Capello taking the helm for the first time!

I guess that's hypocritical of me since I'd roll my eyes when my li'l bro tells me that we have to go to a later Sunday mass because of his Laker game. Besides, I don't have a car today so… yah, that's it. I don't want to walk 1.5 blocks to church in case I relapse and fall ill again. It's cold out there. Yah, that's it. >_< I'll have the ashes imposed on my forehead later tonight…

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Finally went to mass at noon then caught the 2nd half of the England match. 2-1 to the Three Lions. ^_^

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