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Summer breeze.

After days of record temperature (to me anyway), some cool and light breezes are making their way to my room. Soooo happy. It feels like autumn.

Oh yah, belated happy 4th of July!

On an unrelated note, the parental units (e.g., mum and dad) are arriving in 2 weeks and… my room is still a mess! LOL. On the same day that they arrive, my sis and I are going to watch the Blues (aka Chelsea FC) play against Korea's Bluewings. It should be a nice hectic day. Actually, it should be a nice hectic week!

Herman — Harry Potter on the 11th. I'm watching it on Tuesday the 10th at midnight @ the Rolling Hills cinemas. LMK if you wanna come (going with 3 other gals). I promise I won't embarrass you and dress up like Cho Chang in Quidditch attire. lolz.

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