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RPI the second.

It's the second week of fairly active posting and once again, it's time for some random points-of-interest. If you have not done so, you can visit the sites exhibited last week by scrolling down and seeking the past post or by simply clicking on the 5th on calendar to your left.

Exhibit 3: Federal Research Division
Talk about random. As the title suggests, the site leads you to the Federal Research Division, a sub-site of The US Library of Congress providing researchers (and the US Government) customised research and analytical services. I honestly forget how I arrived at the FRD website — I must have been googling summat that would warrant that site a top spot on the Google results.

Exhibit 4: ASCII Art Collection
Ah… The days of ASCII art. Before the advent of HTML emails, we would get these lovely “pictures” in text. You have probably seen this link before but it's always nice to reminisce. If you're keen on making ASCII art yourself, try this. I wonder where that ASCII Star Wars animated gif could be….

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