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3+ hours.

It took me about three hours plus some “miscellaneous” minutes to put together my elliptical/exercise bike. It's not because I'm wetaded and I haven't a clue where things go — it's because I lacked the elbow grease to freakin' tighten this one nut… Actually, my sister and I worked together for the first 2 hours and she had to leave me to it cos she needed to get ready for church last night.

Looking back, I think it took us that long because:

1: I didn't go through all the parts (which I normally do when putting something together like this) and didn't notice that the included a freakin' multi-purpose wrench for *all* the nuts and bolts. I ended up using the mechanic socket set my younger brother gave to me last Christmas. That would've been a LOT easier to reach those darn bolts;

2: I didn't really eat lunch, nor did I quench my thirst at any point in those two hours as I was practically embroiled with this elliptical that hunger and thirst were not even considered; I only realised it was so when I arrived at church (and missed choir practise) with a throbbing headache and a growling empty stomach. I suppose my blood glucose level hadn't dropped that low, though, as I wasn't having my usual spells of vertigo when truly starving.

Anyway, the bliddy thing is fixed and after supper last night, I went on a short and slow 'run'… just testing the thing out in case I didn't tighten something enough and it might as well be me that breaks the darn thing before someone else gets hurt! It's all secure, though; I mean, the bike's fine. Perfect for running/riding indoors cos it started to rain!

HURRAY for the rain! This means, the local mountains must be getting some snoooooooow! ^_^

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