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Chatty today.

I particularly feel chatty today. Iono… after weeks of almost inactivity from posting, I made three posts (inclusive of this one) within the past two hours. Three more than last week and the week prior. Well, I suppose updates are in order.

Recently launched two websites. Well, one isn't that recent but fairly recent enough:

The US Blues – an official supporters club of London's Chelsea FC.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church – my Parish located in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Both sites use this wonderful Open Source portal called Joomla! (it's mySQL and PHP-driven). I'm particularly happy about these two sites as you can tell. I don't normally post my work here. I'd rather do that via my ageing Portfolio (yah, haven't really updated it yet!)

I officially resigned from my Parish's Liturgical Committee. That'll take into effect January 2007; which means I still have the Christmas Liturgies and probably an Installation mass to plan for. I can't believe I've been part of the committee since 2001. I've been helming a committee that planned liturgies (including the death of JP2, installation of Pope B. and so on). I wonder if I should put that on my C.V. … lol

I quit NaNoWriMo after approximately 5,099 words. Iono — too many things going on that I couldn't focus on putting words on paper… I did finish proof-reading my 2005 Novel, Descendere but haven't found someone to edit it for me… Any takers? 😛

I haven't run or exercised… in weeks! It's very sloth-like of me and I know that I have to get back in shape for this snowboarding season. Ugh. I'm not going near a scale anytime soon.

My room is still a bloody mess. It's my Achilles' heel, I tell you! My Achilles' heel!!! At least it's a disorganised mess, though. Well, actually, the other day, I was putting away some plastic bags littered about when I opened one and saw a couple of items of clothing still with their tags on! Ooops! No wonder I couldn't find those purchases in my closet. >_<

Anyway, I should end at that before this turns into a discourse longer than my novel!

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