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Zoom zoom zoom.

NYC went by too fast and the week after that flew by equally as fast. I can't believe it's already been a week and as much as my luggage has been unpacked, I still have not cleaned up my bloody room — clothes everywhere, receipts strewn on the floor and other miscellaneous crap that I need to file away.

Speaking of receipts, I paid off one of my credit cards this morning; oof! Just one more to go and I'll be debt free… WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Debt free and still broke >_< Still, I restrained myself from buying: 1) A Tag Heuer; 2) A Traser watch; 3) Replacement laptop (mine's like a P2!); 4) an upgraded desktop; and… 5) A Yoda backpack (yes, laugh all you want but I MUST HAVE IT)… As you can see, all the goodies a girl should have and I decided to be responsible and pay off my debt ^_^ It's all material things anyway, right? UGH. But I must have that Yoda rucksack. I will allocate $$ for master Yoda!

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