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NYC teaser pics!

Ok, so I took LOADS of photos during my New Yawk trip and I literally need another day or two to organise and post them online! In any case, I'm not the one to disappoint, so here are a couple of photos (some processed with Photoshop, some not). Enjoy!

Taking this photo was pure luck. I happened to glance at that area and see one Euro dude about to walk away when I took this quick snap. Taken at the ground level of the Guggenheim Museum. Processed in Photoshop.

I'm a geek of medieval stuff, so when I found out that they had armour and other neat things @ the MET, I thought that I'd go and check it out.

The old and the new — a contrast between St. Patrick's Cathedral's gothic structure and the hardness of a modern building. Don't thank me, thank this photo book I read that noted it; I merely found the spot (in the middle of the road!) and quickly took the photo before getting hit by a vehicle.

This one's funny. The poor dude's tired — he's prolly bored of all the “modern” art work in the MoMa. Yep, I thought the other pieces were bollocks as well. Seriously, there's this HUGE piece of canvas with three scratches on it. WTF? That's art?! Anyway, I happened to see this man taking a nap @ the lower level as I walked across the hall. Perfect opportunity to play paparazzo!

Can you tell I really like St. Patrick's Cathedral? Anyway, here's a frontal shot later processed in Photoshop.

This is a fun photo. I purposely moved my camera slightly while waiting for the photo to be fully captured. I hope it comes out clear in higher resolutions later cos I want to make a poster out of this one. You can't tell cos it's blurry, but that's the Radio City Music Hall sign at night. ^_^

Anyway, hoped you enjoyed the teaser pics! I shall do my best to post the rest soon!

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