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Assisted Living.

I had a very odd dream this morning.

I dreamt I was moving into this “Assisted Living” community. But not just any assisted living community, it seemed like *the* assisted living place to be in. The rooms were free standing and by the beach! It was literally a few steps away from the beach. Somehow, in the dream, I knew it was that it was that type of place, but I seemed intent on moving in. So, I browsed about and found a “room” that suited my needs (they actually all looked the same, but I found the one that wasn't too close or too far from the entrance.)

So I drop off my stuff in the room (I had all my gear; clothing, camera bags, my teddy bear! and so on.) and headed out to check the “neighborhood”. I ran into a couple of senior citizens, who were extremely nice and introduced myself as I went along. One old lady pointed out how beautiful the ocean was but how tall the waves were. I looked and thought that it'd be great to take a photograph of those waves (thought about getting my camera and tripod from the room) and made my way back to the room. What I saw annoyed me. There was someone sleeping in my room! What's worse, all my stuff's gone. WTH.

The homes/rooms were at sea level, so the “offices” were at a building that overlooked the rooms. I went up to the management area to look for someone to complain to. I couldn't find any manager or doctor — they have all seemed to have gone home. It was only some of the nurses and medical assistants and they were too busy to help me. I tried in disdain to ask for help, when my brother (who's a year younger than I am) popped in to say “Hello”. I'm like, “Ray! what are you doing here?” And he shares some good news — his jeans clothing line was taking off, and there were a mob of children/teens in the area who wanted to meet him. (WTH. My brother designs jeans??)

Anyway, the dream gets really weird when I see Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wearing ridiculous and loud costumes in an effort to mask their identity. I think I remember seeing Brad Pitt in an Elvis suit. Anyway, I told my bro about my problem, and he was going to help me get to the bottom of things. As we walked down and towards the rooms, we both noticed that everyone had a huge television. I'm not talking 27″, but 40″ plasma screens and projection TVs. They were ridiculously big because they took up most of the space in their rooms. Also, for some reason, some rooms had huge sliding glass doors, so you practically saw the entire inside. As we got closer to my room, there were more TVs and some of them were even plugged in outside. I remember thinking in the dream, “what if it rains?” then I thought that the TV's were too big for them to carry it on their own.

When we got to my room, that lady was still sleeping in it; I whispered to my brother that he was peeking inside my room and everything else is gone except for my teddy bear. The lady finally woke up — she wasn't even sleeping on the day bed correctly! I ask her if she reserved the room before I did, and that's why she was there, and she goes she never even spoke to anyone about the room. It's first-come, first-served as far as she knew. WTH? I then asked her where my stuff was and she goes, “oh my daughter placed it in her car. It's probably at the dump on 190th by now.” OMG. I was quite annoyed at this point 'cuz the lady wasn't even sympathetic towards me and she spoke as if nothing were wrong. Then this weird couple approached us, 'cuz I started to raise my voice, and they asked what was wrong. I explained to them what happened, and then they start spewing out scripture. They're like, saying that it's only material possessions and God will still let me in heaven because it's not how much you amass while living here on Earth… There are a few other details of the dream that I know I'm missing but I can't remember it now. I do remember being asked what kind of stuff I lost and how much they all cost. I remember asking for my teddy bear back, and the lady's like. “Oh, that's mine”. O.o

By the way, the lady who “stole my room” wasn't that old — she was probably in her late 40's. The “scripture couple” were young — around their early 30's.

I just remembered, before this dream, I dreamt that I went to a wedding? But it was a weird one, 'cuz it turned into a funeral for the bride and it wasn't a Christian funeral either, it was something else, but for some reason, it took place inside a Greek-Orthodox church. Che cosa?. >.<

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