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Notice anything?

If you haven't seen any running logs entries lately, it's not because I haven't posted them; well, let me clarify: I haven't run since, erm, Sunday! ACK! Yes, I'm off by a week now and I don't blame anyone but myself. I've been quite busy and haven't had the chance to do my training run. 30 minutes was precious time that I couldn't lose… I have a feeling I'll pay for it during my long run training on Saturday — wherein I need to run 9 miles.

Speaking of running, my sis and running friends — yes, they're different from my 'regular' friends; it's like having decaf and espresso, if you're a coffee drinker 😉 — have booked our hotel. 3 rooms, 8 people. We should've just gotten a suite, but at this point (with all the marathoners), most of the reasonably priced hotels are over-booked! Which reminds me, I still need to purchase my airfare!

Time for bed. Too much worrying will make me look older. I'll worry about missing my training runs on Saturday, when I hit mile 4 and I'll prolly be in pain or summat. +_+

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