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England wins. EW SW Galaxy Questions.

Of course we won (ze English). It wasn't even the 'full first' team… Terry, Lampard, Owen, and Beckham did not make an appearance. Nor did Mr. Shrek himself, ManUre's Wayne Rooney. Kieran Richardson scored the two winning goals (USA got 1 goal in the second half, though — only because Manchester City's David James could not clear the ball at that time!) They play Columbia next, and for that time around Becks and Owen will be there. I guess they'll be taking that friendly more seriously.

Allow me to change gears now. Here're the “Galaxy Questions” printed on the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine (yes, I read this magazine *gasp*). I'm sure there's a law or rule somewhere that you can't reprint or republish their work, but they shouldn't have posted the following sentence in the first place “…to help end our confusion, so we turn to you, loyal EW readers. Hold us like you did by the lake on Naboo.” And here we go; feel free to “answer” them, btw, via my comments section.

  1. How does Episode III – Revenge of the Sith's Ewan McGregor morph into Episode IV – A New Hope's Sir Alec Guinness [RIP] in just 19 years? (Also, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru look like WB teens in Sith — they're old and cranky in Hope.) Is it Tatooine's desert climate? The two suns? Bad skin care?
  2. It takes 19 years to build the first Death Star but just four to make the second fully operational. Did they use a better contractor, or did they just already know where everything went?
  3. Are there no books to help Padm

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