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UEFA Champions League Finals

Liverpool versus AC Milan.

AC Milan scores 50 seconds into the game *snigger*
Crespo (who is on-loan to AC from, yes, the Chelski) scores at the 39' mark. *giggle*
Crespo scores at the 44' mark. *LMAO*

Man, I wish I could watch this game. Although I'm wearing an England kit right now (at work), I can't help but cheer for AC Milan; can you tell I'm still bitter over the Chelsea versus Liverpool semis 2nd leg match? In any case, it's like Chelsea playing the Reds right now anyway (with Crespo on the Italians' side). TODAY, I CHEER FOR THE ITALIANS! Muahahaha.

It is my 'Italian' brother's birthday anyway, so it's quite fitting that I cheer for his side. 🙂

p.s., Follow the game at the UEFA website.

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