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The Prophecies of St. Malachy

I'm into conspiracy theories and such, but one thing that I stay away from are prophecies — either by Nostradamus, etc.

Well, at the death of Pope John Paul II, my friend and I have been looking on who would be the next Pope. We heard the rumours that there was a prophecy in the past that the next Pope would be the “Anti-Christ”… Then we heard more that the next immediate Pope would be an “intermediary”… Then we stumbled upon the Prophecies of St. Malachy. This dude lived in the 12th century.

St. Malachy set out from Ireland on a harrowing pilgrimage to Rome. On sighting the Eternal City he fell to the ground and began murmuring cryptic Latin phrases, each signifying the future destiny of the Popes.

For four hundred years the manuscript was locked in the labyrinth of the Vatican. On its rediscovery in 1595 it was rejected by the Church authorities as fraudulent but the content of the prophecies remains remarkably and chillingly accurate: to this day, 90 percent have come true

Well, guess who was next on St. Malachy's list? Guess who was listed after Pope John Paul II? His 111th (and last?) prediction was “De gloria oliv

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