Yearly Archives: 2005


I decided to change my “first” post of the new year to something other than, “w00t 2006!” — lol. This was a [...]

Happy Christmas!

I'm posting this “early” 'cuz it's Christmas in Italy anyway! Happy Christmas, Mum, Dad, Andreas and everyone! [...]

Santa Benedict XVI?

Old Skool Pope [...]

Another silly quiz thingy

You Should Get a PhD in Liberal Arts (like political science, literature, or philosophy) You're a great thinker and a true philoso [...]


One of the fun things at BF2 (aside from playing the game for shits and giggles) is getting medals and awards and other crap. I got these ye [...]

Herman sent me a great video…

…to start off my day. It's soooo bad and yet, so funny! You might not get it, however, if you haven't watched “The Pas [...]

I think I'm going to catch a cold.

You know how sometimes, you can tell if you're going to be sick… Your throat begins to tingle and other symptoms appear. Well, I [...]


So I recently began playing some Battlefield 2 again. I'm about 30% from the next “rank” (Corporal) and am pretty psyched a [...]

Hogwarts Dance Troupe.

Clicky me ROFL! [...]

Blues versus Reds Champions League Draw.

I was able to catch the live feed of this game on the telly this afternoon. Matchday 6, group G of the UEFA Champions League. Everyone seeme [...]

Mammoth photos posted!

Finally got around to uploading the pics from my Thanksgiving weekend trip to Mammoth mountain! Yay! You can find them here. Oh yah, and th [...]
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