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Happy Boxing Day!

AFAIK, the US doesn't celebrate Boxing Day. Aw… I do know that Great Britain does and I suppose so does its commonwealth and territories as well. In any case, I'm wishing you a “Happy Boxing Day” — whether or not you celebrate it *razz*

Christmas is a blast and I got loads of presents this year because I was in two Secret Santa programs. Many many thanks to my two special Secret Santas and to my ninja-friend, Mr. Scarlett 😀

Of course, Christmas is not all about presents, so we went to mass (my sister went 2x!), celebrated with friends and family and well, ate a lot! I guess I have to start running again…Oh yah, and I got a present from my sis — she got me sick! >.< Now I feel like I have a frog in my throat and can't swallow much 'cuz it hurts. 🙁 I'm hoping that I'll be better by the first weekend of January. That's when I'm going snowboarding again!

I finally ordered my helmet, too… Which reminds me, I gotta pick it up on January 2nd.

Happy Holidays, again!

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