Monthly Archives: September 2004

I made it.

Post-race update: Per my blog title above, I made it. I completed the 4th Annual Arden Energy Challenge race, the 6.2 miles that was a mostl [...]

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Happy Birthday to Ryan Rillorta! YAY! It was great to have dinner with you and Marie, Jo Nisha, and Sheryl last night! I actually managed no [...]


I “showed” great restraint yesterday; After running a couple of errands, I stopped by the Tarzhay Greatland in Manhattan Beach a [...]

Redondo Beach

Went to the beach to run last night — it was closed; well, closed to those who want to swim/surf! This meant more parking for a runner [...]

La Jolla Beach (La Jolla, CA)

I had a great day at the La Jolla Shores beach today. “Getting some sun” and being outdoors really helps if you're looking [...]

Another busy day.

The day was spent mostly at a client's office. As far as my running goes, I haven't trained since before the Labor Day weekend! A [...]

Labor Day Weekend

Before I forget, congratulations to CeLyna and Alex for the birth of their baby daugher, Alc [...]

Bad news (Sharon Santos dead)

As of 5:58 pm PDT September 2, 2004, the car of Sharon Santos was reported found in Chinatown. They found a dead body in the trunk but have [...]

A new month

Wow. Today was another one of those busy days (I got to fit in a game or two of CS, though — hehehe). It was terribly hot, too. I was [...]
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