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Busy weekend.

So, my sis and brother are celebrating their birthday on October 3rd… My sis is having a “small” party on the 2nd with some close friends and we're cooking dinner! It turns out there are about 30 people attending the dinner and I'm guessing it'll take me (and my other sis) a WHOLE DAY to cook that much food for that much people… >.< Anyway, it was a busy weekend because of the preparations... Clean the house... Cut the grass... Get everything in order for next weekend... EEK! It should be fun, though. Crazy, but fun.

In other news, I'm really really really going to jump back into my training. Total number of miles run last week: 9 miles. I should've run at least 18 miles. This week, I need 19.3 miles. So I definitely can't skip any days from now on. Focus, girl… FOCUS! 😀

Alrighty… G'night.

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