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Ugh. Weather.

I take it back. It was not cold at all today! I mean, c'mon… It was getting nice and breezy and nippy.

Anyway, I was late for my Nike gig because I had a “medical emergency”! My friend and I arrived at Hermosa Beach a full hour before work began so that we can put in our run. About 30 minutes into our run, my friend was getting an allergy attack/hives all over her face! It wasn't that bad that we had to run her to the Lifeguard headquarters to receive medical help. Anyway, we walked to her BF's house on the strand to get some cash so that I could run to the nearest market and buy some antihistamine capsules. Her hives/allergies finally subsided another thirty minutes later, but what a scare! All I was thinking that I didn't know any CPR or anything! I guess I should learn some sort of emergency medical procedures or something. Seriously.

*yawn* Time for my beauty rest… g'night! 🙂

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