Monthly Archives: June 2004

All done

…with my part-time work with Club Run LA. That was fun. I can't wait till the next series starts. *sigh* Exigua pars est vitae q [...]


Si post fata venit gloria non propero. – Martial Well, I did not run this morning as planned. My little brother made fun of me yester [...]

It’s Official!!

I am going to run a half-marathon in December. Ok, just thought you might want to know. [...]

New Health Plan

1. Run 3 to 5 miles everyday (except Saturday and Sunday) 2. Eat better (try not to eat lunch meat and olives as lunch) 3. Eat regularly (tr [...]

Day < whatever number >

Miles run: 0 Calories lost: +/- 1000 Calories gained: unk ACK! [...]

Xfire and Schtuff

It was a pretty productive day yesterday; I signed a new client for another web development project, played loads of Counter-Strike and a bi [...]

Health Class, et al.

I went to the Chiropractic Health Orientation class today. It was right after my Chiropractic appointment this evening. The class itself was [...]

Happy Father's Day!

Me: Grazie, padre, per tutti che abbiate dato me ed ai miei fratelli germani! Li amiamo molto! Dad: Eh? Little Brother: She said, “Hap [...]

Lazy day

It was a beautiful lazy Saturday today. I briefly went outside to enjoy the weather — actually, I had to run some errands (the ones I [...]

I am…

…extremely pleased with the way the photos came out. I'll try to scan and post them tonight. I was so worried that the camera I h [...]

Fun with pLog

Ok, I must really be a geek. I just spent my entire morning working on my giornale — AND I had fun. Customizing is so cool! Anyway, I [...]
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