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Just moved in

Hullo! Welcome to the *new* and *improved* address-friendly RaDragon website! Yeay!

Actually, there's nothing new and improved aside from the website address. If you wish, you may bookmark this page, but I really don't see why as there's nothing to see here.

Anyhoo, I suppose I can write a quick recap of my adventures on being in hiatus:

  • I am about 3 or 4 classes behind (I'm taking this Introduction to SQL course). Why? Because my mind and time have been preoccupied with a fun thing called “Counter-Strike”
  • Speaking of CS, I played on one of my favorite servers today (see posts below to find out what it is) and guess what? I am being considered to join their Clan. Don't worry, it will be a while till I get it. It's a great honor though — I'm so so humbled…
  • I bought some spray paints yesterday. Yes, I have taken the next step in painting my beige case. Of course, I'll have to paint my keyboard and mouse, too. Maybe not the monitor — too much work!
  • If you must know, I got this website domain at a really good price and found excellent hosting! Here's a quick plug to my hosting provider…SC Host. Mention that you got their link via www.radragon.com and you get… NOTHING! I don't get anything either but hey, you're free to mention my site anyway.
  • I think I'm getting better with playing the guitar. I know more than 5 chords now. Aside from C – A – G – E – D, F#, Bm, I can decently play F and B. I'm attempting to learn more chords but it's really difficult when you've got small hands and you have to “bar” the thingy…

Alright, I believe that's it. Hopefully, I can put up a “Modding Log” — to write down my adventures in computer modification!


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