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Ahh… I just got back from watching the newest Harry Potter film — Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It was bloody wicked!

I could hardly contain my excitement when the title began to roll and the lights dim at the theatre. The whole movie was great — of course, this is an HP fan writing, so my review might just as well be one sided.

One thing to note, though, were some of the scene transitions (not to worry, I will not give any of them away). I just have to rant how much Pacific Theatres on Nash (in El Segundo,CA) sucked. Yes, some of the background music that “merges” each scene was choppy — and the projector seemed to be out-of-sync with the dialogue sometimes! People! If you are charging $9.25 for movies, you better make sure that it is flawless (the presentation at least!)

Anyway, back to the movie — I do not really feel like writing a review because there is too much to note. I can just say that I fully enjoyed this movie and will go see it again — why? Because I feel like some scenes just went way past my head (I was too busy observing other things around the actual scene itself). It was truly amazing.

Alright its bedtime for me. You do not have to be a Harry Potter fan to enjoy this flick (in my humble opinion). Of course, being a fan is a plus! Good night/early-morning and have a great tomorrow/today.

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