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RADRAGON'S REALM, Ca., — At press time, at least 10 people were counted as victims of the now infamous “Baby Shower Bacteria”. When interviewed earlier today, RaDragon recounts the horror of BSB, “At first, I was like, 'Haha! My sister has a weak stomach', because she was the first one (along with a colleague) to get hit with the stomach-flu-like symptoms. Then, when I got it, and when my other sister got it, we were like, 'Whoa! This is not random' — everyone is getting infected by this, this thing!” RaDragon later found out that 7 other people who attended the shower were ill. The Hostess of the shower, too, had fallen ill to BSB and called in sick to work for at least 2 days this week. The Hostess's mother, who did not know about the other victims until today, met with her General Practitioner to get some information on BSB — she was not available for comment.

Whether the food got spoiled, or was contaminated, no one knows at the moment. Investigators have not done their job yet, so it is up to RaDragon and friends to find out which meal messed up their tummies. A non-scientific method of elimination is being used to determine the cause.

The Associated Press, Reuters, and MSNBC.com did not contribute to this report. It's not a hoax, just a scary, yet amusing recount of the weird encounter with tummy trouble.

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